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that was

actually very useful.
It got the lesson out very quickly and in a very comprehendable way.
I would actually call this more effective rather than dumbed down for americans.
I wouldnt argue that americans are lazy,
cuz they are,
but this video might attend to the lazy in the sense that
we dont want to waste time in learning.
a crash course if you will
and a very comprehensive one at that.

is funny cuz

people will be liek those nerds deserve it cuz their gay and dont have a life.
but the moment that guy got the game, he was just as happy as any other person and no longer had any problems.
Same with the girl.

people just love to gang up on people


You made it seem like the people wanted to help.
In the narrative, the people didnt want to help.
Thats why he was forsaken.
Plus they didnt live like hobos. The robots were a luxury that afforded them
such a nice life. That was the point of Wilys plot.
You butchered the storyline.
But it was nice sprite work.

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

In the story, performed and outlined in the booklets, there is a lot of talk about a people who are living a difficult life. What started as a robot utopia turned to terror after the events of "Here Comes the Arm" (the last song on Act II, chronologically before the start of the CD this song is on). Dr. Wily used Joe's attack as reason enough to release his army and tighten his grip on an already weak society, beating them into submission physically as well as mentally. They are in bad shape at this point, and no longer live a life of safety and luxury. The city is burning. Now! 'The people didn't want to help'... this is the main theme of the CD. While the people were downtrodden, miserable, wretched, they still held out hope that they would be saved. When Protoman appeared, they rallied around him, cheered him on, watched and waited eagerly for their salvation, and then turned their backs on him and did nothing when he failed. They were more than happy to let somebody save them, but they were too pathetic to save themselves. So, don't let their rallying and fist-pumping fool you now. Those people are the dead, a fact that Megaman won't realize for another three songs.

I suggest you purchase the CD so you can have a copy of the booklet. There's a lot of great material there, and maybe after reading it you'll agree that my animation is actually quite faithful.

<3 - Kimmy

No lengthy review.

You obviously know your awesome.

Though these flashes seem to becoming less of a webisode,
and probably personal disillusioned rants of pain and anger.

Admiiiiiit it.
Whos my little trauma child?


My grammas like that too.


Are mickey and june gonna hook up.
YOu know you see it in their eyes.
They totally want it.

the hell

is everyone making pokemon fight like they're fuckin from dragonball z.
Even the pokemon shows make it atleast realistically.
they arent instant transmissioning with unspecific moves and what not,
although even their logic with the fights is "convenient".

and even on a relative and nonbiased note,
your choice in subjects was poor.
Obviously the grass type sceptile was gonna get his ass whupped by a fire type blaziken. No matter which way you slice it.
So picking an easy fight makes it not only uninteresting but also very short.
But atleast your technique was decent.
The movie was nice to look at.
So I'll give you a fair score,
even though I personally think these "drage'mon z" fights are boring and severely overdone.

5 because it was made well.
7 because its design wasnt.


That backstory makes it all the more lol.


Mine was because it ran outta space.
and I got an Adj. and a profession.

and then some random noun I thought was cool.

So maybe you win this round.


I want this cage.

You are a good man.
Of the partridge family.

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